Double degrees and diplomas

AGH UST offers an availability to pursue a dual degree (diploma) programmes to graduates students and PhD candidates.

A double degree (diploma) programmes involves simultaneous pursuit towards degrees from two different universities, concurrently completing courses at two institutions. Recently , the AGH UST is a party to nearly 30 double degree agreements signed with prestigious universities from Germany, France, Japan, Ukraine and Finland.

Main reasons for taking advantage of a double degree (diploma) programmes:

  • Obtaining two university diplomas at the same time.
  • A unique combination of two interconnected fields with different approaches.
  • Competitiveness on the job market.
  • The opportunity to gain stimulating experience in an international environment.
  • The opportunity to distinguish oneself in the community of students. 

A sample form of an Agreement on Joint Courses has been approved by the AGH UST Legal Adviser Team and is made available by the Department of International Relations  upon request to all interested in cooperation with the AGH UST within the double degree arrangements.