TBU Summer Schools 2020 + International Week

W imieniu TBU Zlin w Czechach poniżej przedstawiamy informacje odnośnie organizowanego przez uniwersytet International Week i Summer Schools 2020:

"In order to keep you updated I would like to point out two important
events at TBU in Zlín:

  1. TBU INTERNATIONAL WEEK will take place at TBU between 30 March and 3 April 2020. This years programme is intended for representatives of International Offices and it will be comprised of presentations, debates, discussions, as well as social events. More info including registration is available online on the following link: www.utb.cz/en/university/international/staff-teaching-and-training-mobilities-2/incoming-mobilities/international-week/
  2. Applications for TBU SUMMER SCHOOLS are open. More information is possible to find here: summerschools.utb.cz
    Course offer:
  • a. Consumer Behaviour and Branding; 3 ECTS; EUR 620 (early bird)
  • b. Cybernetics and Informatics – Key 21st Century Sciences; 3 ECTS; EUR 520 (early bird)
  • c. Digital Marketing in the 21st Century; 4 ECTS; EUR 620 (early bird)
  • d. Frontiers of Environmental Principles and Research; 5 ECTS; EUR 550 (early bird)
  • e. Marketing and Management in Creative and Culture Industries; 5 ECTS; EUR 630 (early bird)
  • f. Practical Data Analysis in Statistics; 5 ECTS; EUR 620 (early bird)
  • g. Quantitative Tools For Qualified Managerial Decision Making; 5 ECTS; EUR 620 (early bird)"