SeoulTech Korea - Nomination for spring 2020

W imieniu SeoulTech Korea przedstawiamy następująca informację:

Some information on our application procedure for the Spring semester 2020(From March to June)!

We have a website you can upload your nominated students. For your reference, the due date for the nomination is 13th October.
Bellow is the website for nomination. Please note that the nominated students only can sign- up on their on-line application page the nominated email account. So please be sure to write the correct email address!


If you don't have any ID in here, sign up is needed.
The nomination page is only for the university STAFF!  So, please do not let your students know.
During last semester, some students signed-up this nomination page and nominated themselves. Because of this matter, we got a huge problem.
So please do not spread out this nomination page address to your students.

The application for the students will be started on 14th October, and the on-line form will be closed on 30th October. It will not be possible to apply after this date.
Bellow is the application page for the student.


Please note that the students can sign-up with their email address and password.
Email: The students can only access the on-line application page using the email account when the university staff has applied for the nomination.
If not, your students will see the comment like "You cannot apply for the exchange program since your university staff did not nominate you". Of course, they cannot access the application page.
Password: The students have to make the password themselves in the sign-up page. They should make the password  8 to 15 characters, which must include letters, numbers and special characters.

I am attaching the guideline for 2020 Spring semester.

If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact with: hsy0219*;^$%^&;%&W@seoultech.ac*<^\...kr , we are looking forward to receiving your students in Seoul.